Dear Parents / Guardian,

As you know success knocks with Time Management and time respects those who respect time. This is a strong source and exercise for a student to give him a crystal clear vision about his time management with his school curriculum. The directions and instructions given in this website will keep him active and up-to-date in solving all the problems concerning his studies and curriculum. Besides, it will inculcate in him a habit of working regularly and timely. This website is also a strong medium of communication between the parents/guardian and the teachers concerned so as to keep a close watch on the progress and activities of the child. Therefore, it is expected of the parents to devote sufficient time and attention to check the website daily and to help heir wards in their studies at home. Students are also required to visit the website daily. We solicit your heartiest co-operation in extending full support to the school in all round development and progress of your ward.

With Regards,